A new presidential term ahead.  A new time in America; a new political agenda, a new direction for the country.  New plans and programs to implement.

Only time will tell -the next four years and beyond, what the consequences of this election will be- in our individual lives and the world at large.  As the reset button has been pressed on this country’s direction, I am thinking about resetting my own personal compass.

In conjunction with the resetting of America’s political compass, what about a re-aligning of our own goals, revisiting our dreams and re-doubling our efforts towards personal growth and development?

Whether the new President-Elect’s political agenda affects our lives in a positive way, whether the proposed programs and policies, agreements and treaties, regulations and initiatives actually serve to “make America great again,” will be seen six months, one year, three years from now, and beyond. Our responsibility, our contribution to the proposition of those changes or any other promises posited during this election cycle was our vote, or the denial of same.  The tally of our votes has already determined the outcome of one set of political plans and promises. We now have the President-Elect who is the embodiment of the political plans and promises he espouses.

In a democratic society such as ours, the individual vote is the power that we as individuals have to effect the type of change we desire for our lives and our community at large. In that vein, it would be interesting to reset our personal growth agenda in order to effect the types of change we desire for ourselves on the most personal level.   What if we agree to track our re-aligned growth agenda alongside that of our country under the new administration, let’s say over the next four years?my-studio-061a

In terms of setting that agenda -some of the items we include may be new; others may have been on our agenda for so long, they are now akin to fixed items, that, despite our best intentions, remain unresolved, unaccomplished… just…un. For purposes of agenda setting, review, noting accomplishments, revising, adding to, deleting from – consider using some of the same time markers used in politics: 90-day review, quarterly updates, four year projections, 6-month review, etc.  Whatever evaluation period suits your purposes, go with it.

zejadesigns-christmas2014-november-029aWhat shall we put on our agenda?  That all depends on what your personal goals and challenges are.  During this agenda-setting phase, there is absolutely no reason not to consider the “sky as the limit.”  Think, dream and plan bigger than you ever have in your whole entire life.  Even if up to this point, you cannot think of one single important accomplishment that you are exceptionally proud of. Think big and different.  Set your milestone review period, put one foot in front of the other every day, get to work and see what happens. Below are a few suggestions for your consideration.  By all means, borrow, or adopt any of the items, or discard them all, in favor of your very own ideas:

  1. a new line of work
  2. improved money management
  3. write a book
  4. start a family
  5. renew an old acquaintance
  6. go back to school
  7. transition a hobby into a business enterprise
  8. adopt a pet
  9. learn a new language
  10. save money and buy a house
  11.  become a foster parent
  12. de-clutter your living space

Numbers 3, 7, 9 and 12 are on my new agenda.  Emphasis on # 7.  What this election cycle and its outcome have affirmed  is that here in America, anything is possible.  Trying something new, taking  that fork in the road or traveling down the “road not taken” can yield unbelievable results. Much success with your new agenda!


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