In this day and age of fancy schmansy gadgetry and whatnots; androids and iphones, fitbits and apps – contraptions all designed to keep us connected and up-to-date, save time, buy time, etc, etc., no one has designed anything to take care of the unexpected.

I locked my keys in my car! There I was.  In Shoprite’s parking lot unloading my groceries onto the back seat of my car (Need to clean trunk  of  debris from all the plants I toted from garden center this summer). I rested my handbag on back seat, closed the rear passenger door and proceeded to the front passenger side to unload the bag with eggs, ripe bananas and tomatoes.  I saw a light flash then heard a click!  All the doors locked.  Eh?

My wallet, cell phone, house keys, and yes my car key/remote  were all in that handbag perched on the backseat.  It was around 10:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving Eve.  I left home early, intending to get all my food shopping done bright and early so that I would have the rest of the day to start prepping for Thanksgiving dinner and spend the balance of the afternoon in my craft room. Here I was, peering anxiously at my bag through the window and going from door to door for the sixth or seventh time, foolishly thinking that by some miracle on the next try the door would magically

Oh God! I could not believe this was happening!  What in the world was I going to do?  After about 15 minutes when it finally sunk in that I had to do something other than circle the car,  I went back inside the supermarket and asked the lady behind the customer service counter if I could make a call.  Using the landline telephone on the counter I called my husband and related my dilemma. There was nothing to do but wait.  He was hoping to leave work early since it was the day before Thanksgiving.   Even so, he would not be home for several hours.  Then he would have to stop home, get his key for the car and then come and get me.  Not exactly lemonade weather but…. lemonade I would have to make… and sip!

On the bright side, I was in Shoprite’s parking lot.  I could go back inside out of the elements and wait.  I went back in, grabbed an armful of magazines and newspapers, a writing pad and a pack of pens, along with a couple containers of hot food from the buffet lunch counter. I saved the containers with the price of the item as well as the plastic wrapper for the pens.  These and any magazines I kept I would pay for when I retrieved my handbag. I sat me down to eat, read and make the best of the next few hours.  The time did not exactly zip by but I did enjoy the uninterrupted spell.  I read a lot, wrote down some ideas for future blog posts, ate some good food and,  all in all, felt grateful that this incident happened where it did.   I could have been stuck in the middle of nowhere.

In due time my husband came. I paid for the items and headed home.  When I started my day I had no idea how it would unfold.  I felt foolish for locking my keys in the car.  I would have preferred to have spent the day the way I had planned when I left home that morning. But, life intervened and I had no choice but to grudgingly use the lemons that life tossed my way that day. At the most unexpected times, life goes in a direction other than the one we plan. What to do?  We may have zero appetite or desire for lemonade at that juncture.  But,…. drink we must.  Bearing in mind that “this too shall pass.”


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