Concerning all acts of creation, there is one elementary truth… that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.  All sorts of things occur that would otherwise never have occurred…. Whatever you can do,or dream you can, begin it.

It is again, but, today I begin.  Around this time last year I started a blog.  One with a different theme and a different style.  After a few posts, I abandoned that blog.  However, in my heart it was not forgotten. Its existence was a nagging reminder of unfinished business.While I have been busy exploring other artistic endeavors, the one constant thought has been that I needed to return to my blog and make something worthwhile of it. So, here I am.This time I come armed with a little more wisdom, a lot more determination; and, above all, a desire to continue my personal evolution of what used to be periodic disturbing pangs of envy and thoughts of “if only I could,” into what is now  “well, let’s see… maybe I can.”

Regarding artistic abilities, I am reasonably good at structuring a few decent sentences.  As to drawing,  up until the end of last year and more recently, a few weeks ago, I could never get beyond the use of stick figures to represent anything and everything.  As to painting – I admired all kinds of paintings but never even considered picking up a brush!  Me?

Well, my other artistic pursuits and extensive reading of all kinds of books relating to all kinds of artistic expressions, and the unfinished business of my abandoned blog have led me to this juncture. This blog will be different. I have finally mustered up enough courage to learn to draw and paint and spend quality time writing about matters that are important to

 My intent is to use this blog to record and recapture the artful beauty of life. During the past several years I have created all manner of art – memory quilts, regular pieced quilts, floral embroidered pieces, collaged works, handbags, purses, greeting cards, holiday ornaments, gift bags, gift envelopes, masks, miniature mannequins… the list is endless. And they are all stashed in my design studio.  Other than my husband,  one of my sisters  has seen most of my work and she has told me in no uncertain terms that my artistic talent is “such a waste.”  All my gems have otherwise remained hidden.  No mas. It is time to “show” my work – if for no other reason, than to document on this  special niche of mine, some of the items I have spent countless hours creating.


My Logo ” Age plus Art” reflects my emerging understanding that these two facets : age and art, combine beautifully.  The young and the more mature,  the past and the present, the old and the new all hold precious treasures and precious truths.

I hereby give myself  permission to use my blog as a vehicle to visualize how age and art combine and contribute to the “artful beauty of life.”  To begin, since I have been playing with fabric and threads and buttons and beads and all manner of beautiful baubles for years, it is only fitting that I “document” some of what I have been up to.

The pictures included in this post are of sections of an art quilt that I started making some years ago. From my fabric stash I pulled bits and pieces of silk, linen, wool, rayon and cotton and stitched together a rather large square.  I then set to work embellishing the various sections.  Not with any particular pattern in mind.  The designs and embellishments are based on whatever seemed appropriate and pleasing for that particular space on the quilt. Now that I am revisiting this quilt, what stands out in my mind, other than the realization that I must have spent hundreds of hours creating this piece, is the fact that I enjoyed absolutely every minute spent working on it.  At the time, my husband and I lived in a rather cramped apartment and my stash of fabric and everything else were stored behind the couch, in my tiny clothes closet, under the bed, in the kitchen, on the dining table – in any available or contrived nook and cranny. What absolute fun!android-pictures-1358a

What has been a life-long fascination with textiles, threads, yarn, scissors, notions, papers, books, embroidery, sewing and needle craft of all kinds, has now expanded to include a growing interest in paint and pencils and crayons and art papers – probably due to the in-your-face public interest in adult coloring books.  Whatever the impetus, I am excited to see where this growing interest leads.  And, I am even more thrilled with the prospect of sharing not only my artistic journey but all of the artful beauty which I intend to capture from here, there and everywhere… to share with you.


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